J'ai bâti mon équipe en me basant sur des principes de dur labeur, d'équité et de respect. André Blanchette président

    La qualité du travail bien fait est garantie sans compromis!

    Votre projet, notre engagement d'une belle expérience et un résultat incomparable !
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Masonry Service

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We are a committed team of bricklayers. Concerned about the customer satisfaction the company undertakes to submit you effective and sustainable solutions in the fulfillment of your projects. Our team is experienced and never hesitates to participate in small and large scale projects such as the restoration of historic monuments that are part of our heritage. Rest assured that our team will complete all work while meeting your requirements as well as those of the construction industry.



  • Masonry for residential
  • Masonry for commercial
  • Masonry for institutional
  • Quality and durability
  • Total support from our team
  • Choice and innovation

Masonry solutions for problems


A. Blanchette Maçonnerie Inc.

Whether for laying bricks, blocks or stones. Cleaning or complete reconstruction of the masonry. Caulking or sealing the joints, the team  A. Blanchette Maçonnerie Inc.  Assure you that the exterior protection of you're building is safe, waterproof and aesthetically beautiful.
We do all masonry work and will not hesitate to find a solution in the most complex cases. Contact Us!